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    Updating a database with vb6

    After windows update installed security update KB2687323, my VB6 project fails to load.Displayed error message is "'[project_vbp_path]/MSCOMCTL. OCX' could not be loaded--Continue Loading Project? Note that the path in the messeage is the vbp file folder path instead of the control's registered path. I'm just a second year college student willing to know about visual basic studio 2005. Thanx, Regards, Sandeep Hello, Could you tell me how to be strong in I just want that user click on a account combobox and image is displayed. i want to seek help on how to change the datasource of a report in the choice of the user dynamically.. one report viewer, multiple rdlc files can be shown simultaneously.. if its ok, heres my eadd: [email protected] sir.am..u teach me the hard coding connection of my project to ms access as my back end with out using any control...purely coding??? Load Dim x As String = "select *from table1 " da = New Ole Db Data Adapter da. Show() End Sub Private Sub Bsave_Click(By Val sender As System. can you teach me sir what are the codes for that buttons because i really want to know sir on what are the codes for those buttons sir for my studies. Thank you Sir, i will be waiting for your respond.. New Row() Line 98 I set dt = new datatable because 99% of the time when I see this error it is because the the instance was not created as a new instance. I mean like customer id shown in list view and when user click on the id,it shows the full detail of that customer in different fields that fields like cus id,name ,add.i saw ur list view in this fields are also shown from database.i just want to show only data from database and not the fields name.thats field name,i put throgh the components like textboxes.labels and u plz tell how its done,when user clicked on cust id in list view and records would be shown of that customer. Hi, Follwing is the coding of save and retrive the image from ms access database in vb.net2008its through input box. I hope you can help me with this particular problem, i'll apreciated it so much..thank you.. Binding Context(dt) cb = New Ole Db Command Builder(da) ''Message Box. You may be wondering why someone would want to utilize VB6 on a shiny new operating system like Windows 7. There are about a bazillion legacy applications out there that have to be supported, and people like me who speak VB6 need to have the tools installed on our workstations in order to implement and test updates and such for these legacy applications.It also helps out when I need to squirt out a quick tool for use in my daily work.

    Note: I've updated this process with information from the comments (below the post). Anyway Could you tell me which book should i take a look for the first time? Thank Anyway,would you like tell me where should i pick up that book"Database Programming Make Easy"? hi i am already design the code using 2005 for insert data in the table , but when i am again run that program then all the previous value of the table will delete and again newly entry value are store in table my code: Imports System. Ole Db Public Class Form1 Dim con As New Ole Db Connection("Provider=Microsoft. I started in from beginner,but I don't where should i begin. ...adding record in table updating retrieving and deleting..in advance... Startup Path & "\raghu1stdb.mdb") 'Dim da As Ole Db Data Adapter Dim da As New Ole Db Data Adapter("select * from table1", con) 'Dim x As String = "select *from table1" ' da = New Ole Db Data Adapter(x, con) Dim ds As New Data Set, dt As New Data Table, dr As Data Row Dim i As Integer Dim bm As Binding Manager Base : Dim cb As Ole Db Command Builder Dim cm As Ole Db Command Private Sub Form1_Load(By Val sender As System. Select Command = New Ole Db Command(x, con) da = New Ole Db Data Adapter(x, con) ds = New Data Set da. PLEASE I NEED SOME ADVICE Hi sir, i just view the video about how to add,edit,save,delete,and search.. Do you have time to share some codes/programs using VB2008 as I am using it now. I want to ask that how the data is view through the list view. The problem is that, "I can only save the records into one table and the other table is empty.". Close() Msg Box("Successfully updated") Else Msg Box("Please complete the form") End If MY CODE IN UPDATING IT WORKS BUT THE PROBLEM IS ALL ROWS WERE UPDATED AND CHANGES EVERYTHING.. It's been a while since I coded something and that was VB6 then. My email: yan(at)yanspeaks(dot)com Thank you kabayan! hi, your source code is very userful as im making a project in vb.net2008 with access really very u plz upload the coding of granting the permisiion of different user for accessing the software or data or it send on my id [email protected]' Thanx, Regards, Sandeep hi, Thanx for the replied. aguirre i have two tables using acces database and i need to insert the same records in that two particular tables.

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